Hiring a local joiner or a local carpenter has never been easier thanks to the technology we have available to us in the 21st century.

However, this abundance of choice can cause confusion on who to trust with your home improvement services, whether you need your flat roof repairing, skirting boards painting, or need a carpenter and joiner for bespoke new internal doors.

In this blog post, we have put together 5 reasons why you should hire local joiners for your next home improvement project.

Great local reputation

One of the great advantages you have for hiring a local business is the reputation they have in your local area. For example, we have been applying our joinery expertise to the homes of Mansfield and surrounding areas since 2004, and we are rated 5 stars on Freeindex from 33 reviews. Therefore we have a great local reputation.

Working with people you know

Because local businesses are owned by members of the same community as you, there’s a good chance you will know that person outside of a professional environment. Working with a local tradesperson you know and trust can make a huge difference to the project.

Quality of work

Because the tradesperson is local to you, they should definitely want to perform the service you are paying them for to the best of their abilities. After all, nobody wants a bad local reputation.

Family run businesses

Local family businesses signify an element of trust in your local area. A tremendous amount of hard work has gone into family businesses building up their local reputation and their portfolio. When you speak with a local family run business, you can definitely be certain a lot of care and enthusiasm goes into their work.

Recommendations from family and friends

Recommendations are a great way of finding trusted local businesses for your home improvement needs. Never hesitate to ask your friends and family if they know of a company for your local joiner, bricklayer, roofing specialists and so on.

3 Questions to Ask Your Local Joiner

Can you provide me with previous examples of your work?

Obtaining evidence of their previous work is a great way to see their standards and quality.

How long have you been in business?

If you are the sort of person that gains trust from how long a business has been providing their services for, then this is a great question to ask your local joiner.

How long do you estimate the work to take?

Depending on the job, the estimated work time will vary. But, if your local carpenter or joiner can give you an estimated date of completion, it allows you to adjust your schedule.

So, if you’re thinking of hiring a local joiner for your next project, we hope this article helps you. If you’re in the Mansfield area, please give us a call today or fill out our contact form to see how we can help.

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