Free INdex!We do a lot of work for people who have gone elsewhere first and spent money on something that has turned out to be a complete waste! Everyone has the right to shop around for the best price and deal – but always bear our motto in mind – “Buy cheap, pay twice!”


We’ve just received a brilliant review from one of our fabulous customers;

“Unfortunately we learned the hard way…
We had a wooden floor from Homebase laid by a poor workman. The floor had shifted and was uneven and left us feeling frustrated and annoyed, enter Terence.


We were given lots of information and reference points and quickly established that Terence was in a totally different league, proud of his work and a craftsman in every sense of the word. Our embarrassing flooring has now be totally replaced by a fabulous work of art.


Nothing phased Terence not even our uneven concrete floor and endless corners, he actually seemed to relish the challenge and has well and truly delivered excellent value for money and sound advice along the way.”

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This very much sums up how we work and our ethos – if you want the same attention paid to your wooden floor or bespoke wooden item then get in touch!

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