Cupboards and Cabinets

At TC Joinery we understand that not every home is a standard size and sometimes there is that awkward corner that seems completely unworkable and is ruining the look and feel of the room. That’s where we can step in with our bespoke joinery skills, making you the perfect cupboards and cabinets.

Our cupboards are perfect for filling unusual spaces, whilst giving you fantastic storage space at the same time. We can produce bespoke cupboards and cabinets from a variety of materials and can even supply made to measure pre finished doors.


This small, but well built unit is for a tiny wall space. It was made on site to complement an existing kitchen wall unit. We made this from beach faced conti board. The idea was to have the CD player in the center of the unit and the CDs each side.


This space was too small to accommodate a standard tv cabinet and book shelving so we made one to suit from pine cabinet boarding. If you look closely you can see that the tv unit curves out and the shelves curve in, this was to optimize the space available and to soften the visual impact.

We gave this cupboard a face lift by removing the old doors and drawer fronts and re-fitting two large made to measure pre finished white doors in wood grain effect. Inside we fitted a number of  shelves.


This project was a pair of doors that were no longer required in the room.The customer wanted a fast easy no mess solution that could incorporate some shelving. We built a free standing unit with a mirror back and toughened glass shelves. The unit fitted inside the existing door frame and was exactly the same thickness as the wall. We fitted some decorative trims to the surrounding frame to finish. The unit can be removed and doors re-fitted if necessary.

Here we have just a few examples of different small projects we have taken on over the years. These projects are made from MDF which is a very versatile material to work with internally, never externally. It is extremely cost effective, great for painting and will outlast any flat pack unit you buy off the shelf.

These are a few examples of cupboards made from veneered MDF and solid pine boarding.