AC Rating Explained

When you are talking about wooden floors, you probably think that the only differences between them are the colour and finish – you couldn’t be more wrong!

All laminate and wooden floors are AC rated to indicate their durability, and where the floor should be used. For example, something that is an AC 3 rated floor is most suited to Hotel Rooms and small offices – its what is called “Commercial, Moderate Traffic”

The range of flooring goes from “House, One Person” (AC 1) right up to “Commercial, Heavy Traffic” (AC 5)

Many people choose the wrong flooring for what they need, and then wonder why the floor chips and wears away where people walk or where chairs roll over day after day. You can still have a wooden floor in your office though you just need to ensure your make the right choice and choose the correct AC rating for your application.

Generally AC 3 rated wooden/laminate flooring is the best choice for general use in the home or office, however sometimes the price difference between AC 4 and AC 3 may be so little, its worth going on grade up to ensure your floor truly lasts a lifetime.

Please use the table to your left to check the rating of your floor – if you are unsure what to buy, or if the flooring you’ve been looking at is suitable, call the professionals today!