Commercial Joinery Services

Here at TC Joinery, we are specialists in providing bespoke joinery services to the commercial sector. Over the years we have secured a number of commercial joinery projects, and even provide ongoing support and services to local establishments that have a constant need for commercial joinery.

This page outlines the kind of work we have carried out for our existing Commercial Joinery clients.

Restoration Projects

One of our specialities here at TC Joinery is the refurbishment of commercial wooden furniture, fixtures and features. We work with a large local shopping centre and take care of anything for them that involves wood! Tasks such as refurbishing wooden seating, re-cladding the bell tower and custom cladding around the shopping centre buildings. We love working for them as there is always something new on the horizon that they want us to add our magic touch to.

Specialist Joinery & Solutions

We also get asked to create one off solutions for companies that are housed within listed buildings or have particular problems they need a clever solution to. Our expertise was recently needed to create some display and storage solutions within a listed building – meaning we weren’t able to modify or even drill into the brickwork, we had to put our thinking caps on and think outside the box – but the end result was something of beauty.

Bespoke Joinery Projects

From time to time we also get asked to make something that really doesn’t fit into any category! We’ve made movie props, cladded the underside of exposed staircases and also get called to building sites to come up with clever stair/balustrade solutions that keep the building regulators and the end user happy. We’ve also created bespoke saddle stands, custom shed/workshops and even fitted custom van internals for mobile businesses. TC Joinery can undertake any project of any size and any complexity.

Retail Joinery

We have carried out joinery projects at a range of extremely well known retail premises across the country. This includes the highly popular at the East Midlands Designer Outlet, where we were part of a renovation project that included designing window display boxes, and general maintenance. We can take on any retail joinery project of any size and complexity, providing the bespoke retail joinery solution to bring any premises to life.

Everything Else

My services are not limited to what you see here, in fact if it involves wood then TC Joinery can help. Please contact us to discuss future projects.